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In under 1 day after our scanner runs, you will receive a fully actionable report, explained to you step-by-step by our CyCraft Incident Response (IR) & Fast Forensic Services team. We’ve assisted dozens of international organizations in investigating critical security incidents, conducting thorough digital forensic analyses, and accelerating maturity in long-term security solutions. Is your network air-gapped or segmented? Not a problem. CyCraft IR & Fast Forensic Services can run investigations on-site and guarantees data privacy and zero data leakage. Your sensitive data never goes to the cloud.

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We address your deepest concerns

How did they first break in? Is there malware? What did it do? How do I stop C2 communications? How do I clean my user accounts? What data was affected? Stolen? How do I get everything back to good? How do I remove hacker tools? How can I prevent intrusions in the future? How can I do all of the above fast, accurately, simply, and thoroughly?

We address your threats

Today, organizations face a myriad of threats, from script kiddies to state-sponsored advanced persistent threats. CyCraft IR & Fast Forensic Services are here to help you detect, contain, and eradicate them.


Threat groups target not just your business’ financials but also your customers’. This includes payment card data theft and ransomware.

Intellectual Property Theft

Sophisticated state-sponsored attacks are known to target trade secrets, proprietary product IP, and other sensitive information.

Supply Chain Attacks

Threat groups target less secure elements in your supply chain to infiltrate your environment and exfiltrate or destroy sensitive data.

Spear Phishing

Socially-engineered attacks effectively target your staff. While typically emails and texts, this now includes voice/audio deepfakes, with video deepfakes now on the horizon.


Attackers can copy, exfiltrate, and delete your sensitive data in seconds. Ransomware attacks are rapidly increasing in frequency, severity, and complexity.

Insider Threats

Insider threats can instantly bypass layers of security and are launched by people within your organization, former employees, contractors, partners, or business associates.

We provide your solution

Join the CyCraft Community and see the benefits of CyCraft IR & Fast Forensic Services. Our expert team of analysts leverages automated digital forensic analyses to provide you with an immediate detailed analysis of your cyber situation. We work with you to contain threats, minimize their impact, and get your business back to healthy in 4 fast steps.


Under 1 day after our scanner runs, you receive an eradication plan with complete site-wide hacker tools and behavior analysis, provided by the seamless collaboration between our expert analysts, our virtual forensic analyst AI & attacker-behavior modeling technology.


We provide automated forensic analysis not just across multiple levels of context but also into the intricate relationships between each of those levels of context.


Our CyCraft IR Services Team takes you through your fully-actionable eradication plan, explaining each step simply and clearly.


We rescan and confirm eradication with cyber threat intel from multiple major proprietary sources and organizations across the globe, as well as the rigorous AI-driven vetting process of CyberTotal.


SOCs, CSOs, and CISOs aren’t judged by their everyday routine but on their response to their worst day--a security breach. Incident Response investigations combat and manage the aftermath of a security breach. You need to reduce your mean-time-to-detect (MTTD) and mean-time-to-respond (MTTR) to ensure you get out of the nightmare while limiting damage to your system and your data.

CyCraft IR & Fast Forensic Services provides automated IR investigation, allowing our customers a F / A / S / T recovery so that they can get back to business faster and more secure.

Our Approach


Deploy our IR forensic scanner to your endpoints.


We receive the scanner data & our AI & experts analyze it.


We generate a plan & execute it with you.


Together we rescan & confirm eradication.

Cloud environment settingsCloSED environment

We’re Thorough

CyCraft IR & Fast Forensic Services is the only IR service with the expertise and technology to leverage automated intelligent forensics to analyze security incidents across 7 levels of context to ensure your environment is thoroughly clean and back to healthy.

Virtual Forensic Analyst Context: CyCraft AIR, our AI-driven security platform, leverages AI-behavioral automation of investigative methods to combine all of the below levels into a final analysis, gaining you a full understanding of your cybersecurity situation.
Global Threat Intelligence Context: After thoroughly vetting global threat intel, CyCraft IR Services correlates it with behaviors and artifacts found at the lower levels.
Org-Wide Context: Link together evidence found across the lower levels of context and examine them in the context of the entire organization.
User Context: Examine user behaviors, successful logins, and failed attempts, etc.
Isolated Artifact Context: a packet, an execution, a memory segment, or log file entry are among the many examples of isolated artifacts.
Network Context: Examine the connections between systems in terms of the various protocols and behavioral purposes of the connections.
Endpoint Context: Forensically scan the endpoint event logs, memory, startup files, processes, and more.

Our Deliverables

We provide you with clear, concise, and fully actionable reports covering everything you need to know to get back to healthy stat.

Full storylines of any & all malicious activity
Malicious domain, IP, URL analysis
Malware analysis
A step-by-step plan for eradication
MITRE ATT&CK mapping
True, system-wide root cause analysis
Graphs of all affect nodes and executions
Eradication confirmation
Up-to-date Global Cyber Threat Intelligence


Industry Recognition

In the past year, CyCraft outperformed all other MITRE ATT&CK® Evaluation vendors in Technique, Tactic, and General detections with zero configuration changes. CyCraft AIR and CyberTotal both received the Best of Show Grand Prize Award for Security Solutions at Interop Tokyo 2020; CyCraft also received 20+ 2020 Cybersecurity Excellence awards in categories including Managed Detection and Response, Incident Response, Threat Intelligence, and Artificial Intelligence. CyCraft is a proud member of FIRST, a premier organization for incident response security teams.

MITRE ATT&CK Evaluations Validates Industry Leadership for CyCraft AIR Managed Detection and Response. CyCraft AIR scored more real-world GTT detections (General, Tactic, and Technique) than any other vendor solution and with zero configurations.

CyCraft Community Testimonials

CyCraft has a deep understanding of information security and top-tier technology to prove it.

Telecommunications, Japan

CyCraft’s AI-driven managed detection and response, automated forensics, and security visualization showed us the key points and enterprise-wide root cause of all attacks, as well as greatly reduced our investigation time.

Telecommunications, Taiwan

CyCraft’s customer support provided excellent communication, incident reports, and response times, leaving us feeling confident and at ease with our security situation.

Telecommunications, Taiwan

We were impressed with their innovative technology, such as their intuitive dashboard that made it easy for analysts to analyze and re-analyze intrusion attack data.

Interop Tokyo 2020, Best of Show Award’s Judge

CyCraft is trusted by

Fortune 500 Companies
Government Agencies
Police Organizations
Financial Institutions
Critical Infrastructure
And many more.

CyCraft Services provides organizations worldwide with the innovative AI-driven technology necessary to stop cyber threats in the 2020s. The CyCraft AIR platform is uniquely designed to detect the latest trends in malicious behavior, automate investigations, and auto-triage alerts, allowing CyCraft customers to detect, track, contain, and eradicate threats in real-time.

This unique approach empowers CyCraft customers to terminate unauthorized access to their environments faster and prevent intrusions from escalating into business-altering incidents. CyCraft also provides customers with proactive services to improve their visibility, elevate their threat intelligence on threats targeting their industry, hunt down threats, fill in defense gaps, and harden their defenses because everything starts from security.




In under 24 hours after our scanners run, you receive your fully actionable cyber situation report, explained to you step-by-step by our CyCraft Incident Response (IR) & Fast Forensic Services team. Get back to healthy & get back to business F / A / S / T.